There are several phrases in the Bulgarian language that are almost impossible to translate and one of them is "Pizza, jingle". As long as we explain to a foreigner how and why this pizza jingleс takes too long, it is easier to give him a piece and he will understand that the words are unnecessary. Irresistible Pizza, Crispy Chicken Tenders, four different sauces 50g and refreshing Pepsi 2l.

* The promotion is valid for the "Deliveries" service in the period from February 17, 2023 to March 30, 2023.
** Pizza "Assorted", "Wolf", "Hot Dog", "Riviera", BBQ or BBQ Beef can NOT be selected for the promotion.
*** The drink in the promotion can be replaced with Mirinda or SevenUp of 2 liters.
**** The sauces in the promotion are Barbecue, Sweet and Sour, Mayonnaise and Aladdin, and they cannot be changed


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