1. Introduction 


The current privacy policy explains how we, a limited liability company ALADIN FOODS LTD, registered in the Commercial register and register of NPLE with UIC 115271421, with headquarters and address of management: Sofia 1 324, Sofia, Liulin district ", zh. k. "Lyulin" 119 blvd. "Europe", hereinafter referred to as ALADIN / Aladin, we use the personal data you provide to us when you use our services without being limited to using our website and mobile applications (collectively referred to as " Website "). Before using our services, read this Privacy Policy and make sure you understand it. When you visit and/or request services through our Website, you agree that your personal data will be collected under the terms of this Privacy Policy, and you may withdraw your consent at any time.


2. What personal data we collect?


We collect personal information when you order products and services through our Website when you fill out the forms. We also collect information about how you use our Website through cookies.  Aladin Foods will only collect data that identifies you and/or your location when necessary (this may include your name, email address, home address, phone number, credit or debit card details, geolocation, etc.) but only when you provided the explained information above - voluntarily. We collect data only for the purpose of rendering the services offered on our Website as well as to provide you with information about Aladin Foods and the services you are interested in. We may collect your personal information by: online and phone orders; participation in games and competitions; subscribing to our newsletters; create a profile sending messages through our contact form, or through correspondence on the Web site, or through advertising, research, and direct marketing. We do not collect sensitive data for you.


3. "Cookies"


Part of the collected data does not personally identify you but track the way you use the Web site so that we better understand the interests of our customers and thus improve the satisfaction of using it when ordering a meal. We obtain this data by using cookies. Cookies are small files containing data and transferred to your device so that it is recognized and able to store information from the Web site used in subsequent visits. We gather technical information from your mobile device or how you use it through your device, such as your location and some features, your device's performance data, browser information, and operating system / service provider, including how to connect , IP address, date and duration of access, queries made by you, amount of transferred data, mobile payment methods, interaction with other trading and payment technologies such as NFC tags, QR codes or use of electronic vouchers. Your device and / or web browser should provide you with the ability to allow or disable the use of cookies from their settings. To learn more about cookies, including how to check how they were received, managed, or deleted, visit


4. Google Analytics:


This website uses Google Analytics (Google Analytics), a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies. Cookies are text files saved on your computer to enable users to analyze how users use the website. Information on the use of this site acquired through cookies is usually transmitted and stored by Google on US servers. IP deprivation is enabled on this site, which is why Google will partially erase the IP address of a user in the EU Member States as well as in the other countries of the European Economic Area Agreement. Only in exceptional cases the full IP address will be sent and deleted partially on servers in the United States. By assigning the operator to this website, Google will use this information to evaluate the use of the site, compose web activity reports, and provide the site operator with other services related to the use of the site and the use of the Internet to the website. Google will not link the IP address sent from your browser through Google Analytics to other data stored by Google. You can prevent cookies from being saved through the appropriate settings on your browser. If you do so, you may not be able to use all of the features on this site. You have the ability to prevent the collection of cookie data and the use of the site by you (including IP address) from Google as well as the processing of this Google data by downloading and installing the browser-plugin plug-in : Please keep in mind that the use of a browser plug-in is restricted to that browser and the corresponding computer and can not be deleted after installation to preserve Google Analytics deactivation. Google's Privacy Policy is available at You can also refuse to collect data from Google Analytics by clicking on the following link. An Opt-Out-Cookie (cookie opt-out) will be created on your computer, preventing future collection of your data when you visit this site.


5. Facebook


This online application uses Social Plugins owned by social network, which is maintained by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. („Facebook“).


Plugins are recognized by the Facebook logos (white "f" on a blue background or "thumbs up") or are awarded the "Facebook Social Plugin".


When you enter a web page, your browser will immediately make a direct connection to Facebook servers. The content of this Plugin will be delivered directly from Facebook to your browser, which will link it to the website. "ALADIN FOODS" Ltd. can not influence the amount of data Facebook collects with these Plugins. Therefore, through the following link, we only inform you about what we know


By linking to these Plugins, Facebook receives information that our relevant website or platform has been visited. If you are logged in to Facebook, Facebook can count this visit to your account. If you interact with these Plugins, e.g. click the "Like" button or write a comment, the relevant information will be immediately transferred from your browser to Facebook and will be saved there. If you are not registered with Facebook, Facebook still has the ability to understand your IP address and save it.


These Facebook plugins can be attached by site operators to their own websites or platforms. With one click on these Plugins, users registered with Facebook can automatically leave a message on their Facebook profile that they like the information from the site operator's links. The Facebook Plugin "communicates" with Facebook and, when visiting the site, sends Facebook data - even if the user has not clicked Plugins.


With the so-called iFrame connection, the browser loads and an additional page-to-page page that contains the corresponding Plugin. In the case of a Plugin belonging to Facebook, this iFrame-link or source text is completely powered by Facebook and can not be controlled or processed by ALADIN FOODS Ltd.


If the user is not logged on to Facebook or is not registered there, he or she still has a cookie that can not be recognized, such as B7dcTqgWq3fuDgIIFw47QPIO and is valid for two years.


If the browser later reconnects with the social network server, the cookie is transferred and can help create an account. For users who log in later, it is also possible to link to the information contained in the cookie.


If the user is logged in to the current Facebook session, both page and cookie information is transmitted - this session identification information may be assigned to that account.


We are not aware of the scope of the data and the purposes for which they are collected, and how they are used by Facebook. For information about your rights and setup options to protect your personal data, please contact Facebook Inc. or follow the privacy instructions on Facebook here.


With Add-ons, you can block Facebook-Social-Plugins for your browser using, for example, "Facebook Blocker".


6. Preservation and security of your personal information


Aladin Foods Ltd. will make every reasonable effort to maintain the security of your personal information and protect it from malicious use, unauthorized interference, loss or unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure. Aladin Foods Ltd. will store your personal data for the entire period during which your account is active, as well as up to six months thereafter. After expiration of this period, or in case you use your right to be forgotten before it expires, Aladin Foods Ltd. will permanently delete all personal information it has collected for you. If you have not ordered through your profile for a period longer than 6 months, your account, along with any personal data you provide, will be deleted.


For orders placed on the website by users without a user profile ("guests"), the personal data provided on the order will be stored for a period of 6 months after the order, after which all personal data provided will be automatically deleted.


In cases where you have chosen a password to access the Website, you are solely responsible for preserving the confidentiality of the password. We recommend you to not share it with others. Due to the nature of the Internet, Aladin Foods Ltd. does not provide guarantees regarding the security of your personal information in the process of providing it or storing it by us, and you agree that you provide us with your personal information at your own risk. Please contact us immediately if you know or have any reason to believe that your personal data is being used without permission in connection with our Website.


7. How do we use the information you collect?


You give your agreement to Aladin Foods Ltd. to collect and use your personal data for the processing and delivery of orders through the Website and other related devices. You agree that Aladin Foods Ltd. can provide your personal data, including name, email address, physical address and telephone number to drivers who deliver the orders or staff of Aladin Foods Ltd., or third parties providing services for  Aladin Foods Ltd. You agree that Aladin Foods Ltd. may use your personal information for advertising and direct marketing to provide you with information about the Website, the goods and services it provides or other aspects that it believes would be of interest to you. Aladin Foods Ltd. may and you agree that your personal data will be provided to:


-Third parties involved of Aladin Foods Ltd. to perform activities or provide products and services on our behalf, such as processing payments, credit card information, orders via email, debt collection, surveys, statistics, marketing and direct or indirect advertising;


-Our advertisers, agents, business partners and branches located in and outside of Bulgaria who would like to send you information about their products and services.


If you wish to cancel your direct marketing communication with Aladin Foods Ltd., or do not want to share personal information with our partners, please send an email to: or follow the steps to unsubscribe indicated in each letter you receive from us by requesting that your personal information be removed from our list of email addresses. We will make all reasonable efforts to meet your request within a reasonable time of receipt. Please note that if you withdraw permission for access to and handling of your personal data by third parties that may lead to inability to provide you with some of our services. Aladin Foods Ltd. reserves its right to provide your personal information if it is requested based on legal grounds or if this is necessary in order to protect the rights or property of Aladin Foods Ltd. or a third party, or to prevent physical damage. If Aladin Foods Ltd.’s business is sold or merged with another company, then some or all of your personal information may be provided to such third party.


8. Access to your personal information


Aladin Foods will make every reasonable effort to keep your personal data, integrity, accuracy and timeliness without being misleading. Users who have registered profiles also have access to their personal information stored by Aladin Foods. Whether you have a registered account or you are ordering from the site as a guest, if you want a copy of this information, please email us at Aladin Foods has the right to charge a fee for the processing of such applications, in accordance with applicable local law. From your profile, you can correct your personal information if you find any inaccuracy, incompleteness, or claim to be erased. We will make every reasonable effort to correct or delete your personal information within a reasonable time of receipt of the request. Deleting your profile in our Website will automatically delete the personal information we store. If applicable, all applicable legal requirements for storing records with your personal information will prevail over any request or request made by you.


9. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Aladin Foods reserves its right to make full or partial changes to this Privacy Policy. You will be notified if any changes are made through our Website, as well as by email.


10. Other WebSites


Our Website may contain links to other Websites. This Privacy Policy applies only to our Website. In this regard, read the privacy policies of the relevant websites when you use them.


11. Contacts and complaints


All comments and requests related to the use of your personal information can be sent to:


If you think that any of your rights are violated, you can contact the Personal Data Protection Commission, address: Sofia 1 592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov "№ 2, e-mail:, Website:


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