Corporate Responsibility

At Aladin Foods, we believe in the footprint that a business leaves in society. For this reason, we strive to account for the impact on everything we do to develop a sustainable business model.
The goal of our corporate social responsibility is to produce and deliver quality food to our customers, to contribute positively to the communities we work in, and to lead a responsible business and business policy. 

Aladin Foods corporate responsibility is a journey. We’ve been growing for the last 25 years and our policies and procedures are changing to better suit the environment in which we are developing.

Attributed to Quality

We are proud that for the last 20 years we’ve developed Aladin Foods to provide the best for you and your family. We have created production facilities and logistics networks to help track the quality and storage of the food we offer.

To ensure the quality of the food we serve, we strictly monitor Aladin Foods quality suppliers, processes, and standards at our production facilities. Throughout 2015, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality control systems were implemented in our facilities. 
The raw materials we use are from Bulgarian and International suppliers that have proven their quality over time. The main products are cleared of preservatives so that it complies with the standards of Aladin Foods and tasty food. Qualified food technologists are constantly working on developing new products to meet changing market needs and tastes.


Attributed to the community

At Aladin Foods, we believe that caring for the community leads to building a sustainable environment in which we can jointly develop our potential. For this reason, we support various causes and campaigns of public importance.
The main focus of the company is on supporting educational, sporting, and charity initiatives related to adolescents. Our partners are educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, as well as regional centers for helping disadvantaged people. Some of our partners over the years were Junior achievement Bulgaria, Sofia Municipality, WishBox, Holiday Heroes, TEDxPlovdiv, Prof. Dimitar Katsarov – Sofia among others. 


European program

The company "Aladdin Foods" Ltd. was supported by the grant of the DF Agriculture under sub-measure 4.2 "Investments in processing/marketing of agricultural products" from the program for the development of rural areas for the period 2014-2020 for the implementation of an approved project 16/04 /2/0/00195 "Reconstruction and additions to an enterprise for the processing of meat raw materials and products"


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